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Team Rakudou

Introduction of Team Rakudou

Founder Kozue Takahashi

Recently, I deeply feel the changing speed of the social conditions and also the technology is very fast. And it becomes more pronounced year after year. In today's world, there is filled with something very new and new things swiftly, so that it is not such a time any longer, that the knowledge and/or the experiences which the people have built on till now would not be useful at once as before. And we see that in the world, it is in the tendency for information to expand and for knowledge to concentrate, while they are depended and influenced each other, the time becomes to obtain a new value and to find it. We will keep our challenge earnestly what the people need, what our technology can be accommodated for them and what our service can be met without ready-made ideas.

Also there are many what are lost and/or changed with trend of the times. When the environment is changed, the creatures fight for survival to strengthen their resistance properties there. Although this is the truth of the universe, I believe that there are not always good ones which can be lost and/or changed in the human society. They are the inter-person communication, and compassion and attitude for others.

For the future, we will keep on aiming to digital manufacturing and service proposal for the people's smile and happiness through IT technology with recognizing again what the precious thing in the world is.