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Social Contribution

A little bit Social Contribution Activities

- Children are the treasure of the society -

It is common all over the world. Here in Japan is adequately set for compulsory education system therefore only few children could not get their educational opportunities.
But in many countries and regions in the world, there are a huge number of children who are suffering under the severe circumstances that they cannot attend schools despite that they desire because of national politics and/or family conditions.

Children who are...
suffering from starvation
not able to go to schools
forced to work from very young age
in the bad hygienic environments
not able to receive adequate treatments

Children in the world, who are the creators of the future.
Many children under the hard circumstances need our help for the better society of tomorrow and for the world.
A portion of our monthly proceeds will be donated to Plan Japan from our thought that we might be able to serve for their basic needs if only a little.

"What is Plan Japan?" As a member of International NGO "Plan", they promote the developments in the developing countries under the common goal and mission.

Plan Japan is an International NGO promoting the regional developments with children in the developing countries.
Various regional development projects are implemented for the regional self-reliance as the final goal, and they operate in the various fields such as education, health and emergency assistances.

"Why we choose Plan Japan?"

We believe that the child education is the one of final solutions to upgrade the national economic power and the social circumstance.
There are many NGOs for the social contribution, in those we have noticed Plan Japan which focuses attention on the children suffering from starvation and poverties is supporting the regional developments.