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Educational Solutions

Educational Solutions

Moodle Stack

Customer's Request -Using Cloud Computing System of LMS- 

Also the influences of the Great East Japan Earthquake is a part of the reasons, the needs that the information at the educational institutions are managed by using cloud computing systems which are high expandability and reliability are increased from the viewpoints of the business continuities' reviews and these plans.
The world famous LSM open source 'Moodle' which has very high function and good track records has achieved a large numbers of share in the educational institutions such as universities and high schools in the world. However the wave of the using cloud computing system has rushed to this LSM.

What Moodle Stack is... Using Cloud Computing System of LMS Moodle

Because Moodle is an application and operates on the on-premises requirement, it has been necessary that a partial improvement of software and environmental maintenance to operate in the distributed computing environment.
However, it is very meaningful to operate Moodle itself on Cloud environment for the Educational institutions, the clients.

 [Feature 1] Ease of Migration
Since the migration is from Moodle to Moodle, it is very easy to transition on the Cloud environment that the account information of students and teachers, professors and the information of syllabus managing with Moodle in the institution. (*1)

 [Feature 2] Same I/F on Cloud
 MoodleStack application is native source of Moodle. It combines the same function and performance as Moodle.

 [Feauture 3] Only Cloud could have the flexibility and the high availability.
 Moodle Stack operates on the IaaS with high flexibility and availability, and the SLA of the platform is 99.95%. The risk of damage or loss of data by disaster or accident would become infinitely low.

 [Feature 4] Vido function with high needs (Paid version)
Moodle Stack has video function with high needs.
It is possible that the students relearn the recorded lecture and also it can be opened to the public as extension lecture.

(*1) It is necessary to check if there is any difference between the Moodle versions using in the institutions and the Moodle Stack.

Developper's Comment
‘Flexibility' is one of Cloud Computing features. To correspond to the platform's flexibility, the software should be SaaS. If not, it is not possible to receive its merit.
Since Moodle was developed on the on-premises environment and is the application operated on it, Moodle could not correspond to them at all.

For example, a number of servers operate dynamically in a distributed computing environment, so it is not possible to maintain the session continuously with on-premises application. Therefore, it corresponded by storing session ID in persistent physical domain

Additionally, the drive which stores files cannot be maintained high availability in single instance
It was necessary to connect to mounted multi-instance drives to share each other from the multi-instance environment, but authorization problems and the many other tasks were faced. However these were patiently solved one by one.

Thus, there were several big problems, but we could construct the environment to realize high availability in the large-scale environment. Developper's Comment

Moodle Customization, implementation and operation support

Customer's Request -Importance of Customization-

Moodle has multi-function so it is very convenient LMS for the experts in Moodle. But it causes confusion for the teachers, the professors and the students who are the beginners to its implementation because of too much function.

And there are many cases to use only specific functions depending on the process of LMS implementation.
In such a case, it is possible to provide Moodle appropriate to the educational institutions by changing Moodle theme into the original theme such as a part of functions invisible.
Additionally, there are various needs by customers such as to insert animation and/or to add quizzes on the way of the animation.
It is very important to realize these needs for improving the educational efficiencies at the educational institutions.

We will draw Moodle implementation effect of customers maximally by corresponding to these needs one by one flexibly.

Customer's Request -Needs of Operation Support-

There are many customers who use Moodle at the universities and in most cases the operations administrators are teachers and/or professors.
It is heavy burden to the teachers and/or professors in charge to maintain Moodle in addition to their own studies and classes preparations, although in order to use Moodle as teaching tools.
Therefore we assist the burden reduction of the educational institutions and teachers and/or professors corresponding to not only Moodle implementation but also the operation support after that.

Moodle Customization

Moodle has many functions, therefore the menus and displays would become difficult in viewing conversely since only a part of these functions are used in some eductional institution.
We would like to display the commonly-used Moodle menu only.

The theme of Moodle is customized and displayed commonly-used functions only. The operational functions would be increased and/or decreased accordingly the status of utilization.


Wouldlike to play back animation with Moodle.

We have developed animation playback plug-in for Moodle.
It is possible to check the classwork understanding from the results of the answers by putting some questions in the animation. Customizing the Moodle