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TESTERA is a service to carry out software test on demand.
Various plans are available to meet customers' requests.

[Standard Plan]

Testers registered as test members carry out the test. The test can be carried out with the wide range of members from beginner to expert, so the Test implementation for users' operability and the functional aspects can be carried out according to the target users.

 [Test Coverage]
β-version applications and also already released applications

[Enterprise Plan]

This is the test service for enterprise. A dedicated test manager will control the test progress and its quality. And the most suitable testers are selected and then the test is implemented. Test specifications preparation support is also available for the customer without test specification document.

 [Test Coverage]
Applications such as for business-use, for test coverage before release which are required high-confidentiality and high test skill.

[TESTERA in China]

Tests for Applications for Chinese market could be implemented by using the infrastructure in China. We can provide one-stop services from communications with testers in China to the test reports.

 ・One-stop Service
 ・Resonal Price
 ・Speedy Response

 [Test Coverage]
Applications for Chinese Market(Tests for WEB applications, desktop applications, smart phone applications, etc. would be abailable.)

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Service Plan
Standard Plan

On-demand test plan: A wide range of testers will implement the tesst. It is availabele to utiliize for the improvement of the operability and/or acceptance test.

Enterprise Plan

This is the test plan for enterprise. Test manager will control the project and report the test result.
Test case creation is also available.

TESTERA in China

It is application test for Chinese market. The test will be implemented in China.
As the price will be charged depending on the test case, it is very economical. One-stop service will be supported from test request to reult report.

TESTERA Service Plan

'Cloud Agora' means a place of cloud service. The variety people and information meet together there. They are service providers, resellers, and customers using products and services and what not.
Cloud Agra intends anybody to search the cloud services and/or to introduce each other freely by utilizing it.
Information related cloud service becomes overflowing in the web space. So it needs big effort to find out intended cloud service.
Cloud Agora would help you to enable to search and to find out the exact one quickly.

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Feature of Cloud Agora
CloudAgora is a directory service for cloud computing services. Since a large number of providers are registered in now and the services can be narrowed from abundance of categories user-suited, it is possible to search user-suited service rapidly.

Saas:121 Providers
Paas:11 Providers
Iaas:39 Providers

(Sevice registration is free of charge.)
The Feature of CloudAgora